ACT Plenary Session

ACT Plenary Session

Plenary Session:  19 May 2022 at 6pm.  Location: CIT Restaurant. Level 1, K Block, 37 Constitution Avenue, Reid. 

Location: CIT Restaurant. Level 1, K Block, 37 Constitution Avenue, Reid. 

Biometrics at the Border: Identity Verification and Identity Discovery with Finger, Face and DNA

Fingerprints have long served as the gold standard for identity verification. Latent fingerprints have been used forensically by law enforcement to identify criminals and to create investigative leads through querying databases such as Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). DNA databases like CODIS and Facial Recognition queries of government datasets and online photo galleries, use the AFIS model daily to identify potential perpetrators. This presentation will provide an overview of the FBI’s Next Generation Identification and Facial Recognition Programs, along with the FBI’s Rapid DNA expansion of CODIS into the booking station. Similarities, differences and privacy concerns with finger, face and DNA biometric modalities will be discussed.

Speaker: Mr Thomas Callaghan, Chief Biometric Scientist, FBI.