NSW Plenary Session

May 19, 2021 NSW Plenary Session

Wednesday 19th May, 2021 – AAFS Dinner and Plenary Speaker: Dr Adrian De Grazia 

Dark to clear web and illicit drugs to pharmaceuticals – How are we ensuring the safety of the public, the patients?

Technology and, in particular the internet, has provided unprecedented opportunities for sellers to connect with potential buyers from around the globe. Manufacturers and sellers of illicit drugs and counterfeit medicines are capitalising on this trend by utilising the internet as a platform to distribute globally. For decades this has challenged the traditional approach of law enforcement, requiring them to forge stronger cross-border relationships, investigational strategies and public-private agreements. The dark web and cryptomarkets add further complexity to this issue, protecting the anonymity of its uses. Pfizer proactively fights the fakes, working in collaboration with Law enforcement agencies globally with the primary focus of product integrity for patient safety.

From Policing for a Safer Australia to Breakthroughs that Change Patients’ Lives, this talk explores the experiences of the presenter and will discuss the work of both law enforcement, private industry and their partners to detect, disrupt and deter the use of the internet to sell illegal or falsified products.

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