Plenary Lectures

McAulay Oration

(2017) Reflections as a Prosecutor, Judge and Chair of the Chapter
Justice Richard Refshauge SC, Retired Justice, Supreme Court of the ACT

(2018) Finger mark Detection and Identification – Sound Scientific Discipline or Subjective Practice
Emeritus Professor Hilton Kobus, University of Canberra

(2019) Law in the Age of Enlightenment
Mr Shane Drumgold SC, ACT Director of Public Prosecutions

(2020) Panel Discussion: The Impact and Implications of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Legal, Medical and Police Professions
Helen Murrell SC, ACT Chief Justice; Deputy Commissioner Neil Gaughan APM, ACT Chief Police Officer; and Dr Katrina Sanders, AFP Chief Medical Officer

(2021) Outsmarting Crime
Commissioner Reece P. Kershaw APM, Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police

(2022) Forensic Science in Academia – Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?
Distinguished Professor Claude Roux FRSN 

(2023) Reflection on the Forensic Sciences Journey and Lessons Learned for Shaping the Future
Emeritus Professor James Robertson AM PSM


The Forensic Examination of Human Hairs – Has It Any Place in Contemporary Forensic Practice?
Professor James Robertson AM PSM, Director National Centre for Forensic Studies, University of Canberra

An Expanded Role for Forensic Science and a Pathway to Achieving It
Dr Sarah Benson, Chief Forensic Scientist, Australian Federal Police

The National Institute of Forensic Science: Foundations of Forensic Science
Dr Linzi Wilson-Wilde OAM, Director of the National institute of Forensic Science at the Australia New Zealand Policing Advisory Agency


Fitter, Stronger, Faster – The Modern World of Sports Drug Testing
Dr Naomi Speers, Science and Results Manager, Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority

Current Developments in Crime and Justice Research at the Australian Institute of Criminology
Dr Rick Brown, Deputy Director of the Australian Institute of Criminology


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Law Enforcement – An AFP Perspective
Commander Doug Boudry, Manager Business Capability Delivery, Technology and Innovation, Australian Federal Police

Can we identify everyone? DNA Case Studies and the Policy Implications of Forensic Genomics
Dr Nathan Scudder, Coordinator Strategic Directions, Australian Federal Police and PhD Candidate, University of Canberra

The Decision-Making Process of Police Officers During Use-of-force Encounters
Dr Kelly Hine, ANU Centre for Social Research and Methods, Australian National University


Avoiding Burnout at the Digital Forensics Coalface: Law Enforcement Workplace Strategies for Managing Job-related Stress
Dr Sally Kelty, Centre for Applied Psychology, School of Health Sciences, University of Canberra

* Proposed meetings in May and August were not held due to the impact of COVID-19 restrictions


Justice Diminished? The Fall of the Fourth Estate
Mr Andrew Fraser


The ACT Drug and Alcohol Sentencing List: Findings from an Outcome Evaluation
Professor Meredith Rossner & Professor Lorana Bartels, ANU with commentary by Justice Richard Refshauge, ACT Supreme Court 


From Bushfires to Boards of Inquiry – Reflections on Tenure as Chief Police Officer of the Australian Capital Territory
Deputy Commissioner Neil Gaughan APM, Chief Police Officer for the ACT